Conservation and Parks

Earth, Wind, and Fire

Roots of conservation

    Realization of dwindling abundance

    Proposals for regulation ignored




Roots of conservation

   Saving the New England village

George Perkins Marsh

    Man and Nature, 1864

  Vermont experience

  Travels in Near East

  Permanent, deleterious human impact

  Forests preserve water purity, prevent erosion, floods, droughts

  Educated, disinterested control of resources

Saving the forests

    Division of Forestry, Dept. of Agriculture, 1876

    Charles S. Sargent,
Harvard arborculturist

  American Forestry Congress, 1882

  Fanned fears of “timber famine”

    New York’s Adirondack State Park, 1885

  Protect Hudson River & Erie Canal

  “Forever wild”

The Parks Movement

    New England origins

The Parks Movement

    Central Park, New York City, 1857-1873

  Frederick Law Olmsted

  “Landscape architect”

    Yosemite Park, 1864

  Granted to California

    First national park: Yellowstone, 1872

  In territories

    First state park: Niagara, 1885

  Supported by Olmsted, Church, Gov. Grover Cleveland